Walk with me

A year ago today I was weak, tired and ill. Tired from emptying all the contents of my stomach the previous day.

It seemed as though I would not be able to move, but eventually I was able to get out of bed and get something to stay in my tummy after almost 36 hours.

For a cake lover like myself, not being able to taste my own birthday cake wasn’t something I was happy about.

All the wishes that came through wished me at least a “happy” birthday and I can guarantee you all that it was nothing close to a “happy” birthday.

Fast forward, exactly 6 months down the line, I find myself in the hospital, delivering the “parasite” that caused me all that “pain”. April 4th 2022. The day I experienced the most wonderful yet scariest thing that ever happened to me.

The one human that can make me feel joy in the midst of pain. A joy inexplicable. So today, I don’t just celebrate good health and the Lord’s goodness, I celebrate my birthday present who was presented to me 6 months later. My life has changed drastically and even though I am not where I would have loved to be, I am not where I was a year ago today. And for that reason I’m lifting my hands up to the Lord and saying merci beaucoup, gracias, akpe, danke; in all the ways I can possibly say it.


The “rona” made me do it

In March, my company officially closed it’s offices and asked all employees to work from home as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic. This was a temporary measure to ensure employees were safe. 4 months on i am still working from home. This arrangement gave me a lot of extra time on my hands. This was a very drastic change for me. I was not spending time on the road like I used to, so that gave me free time. Even though I still work as if I were in the office, I am more relaxed because I can wake up at 7am and still not be late for work. Today’s post is about all the things I have done because of the Corona Virus Pandemic aka COVID-19.

Before I get into that I do not know how the 31 days of July went by without a single post from me. My goal of 1 post a month was almost missed. I really missed writing for you guys (this is me assuming I have a lot of readers who realize it when I do not write).

I went through a phase of trying to rebrand, trying to pay for a hosted site and then finally increasing my target from one to two posts a month. All this happened in the 31 days of July. But none of them came to fruition. Don’t ask me why. I do not know. All I know is it wasn’t easy settling on what to write for July. I was blank and absent for most of the month. To meet my goal, I created a post on Instagram for my friends on there to tell me what they thought I should write about. So I have merged the responses and tweaked it a bit to get this. It may not even be what any of you suggested. But I will give you all who responded a special vote of thanks at the end of the post. Today’s post is looking at the things I have done during the extra time I have had on my hands, as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Pardon me if it gets too personal. I struggle to talk about other things aside myself 😂😂😂.

I honestly thought I would miss going out and seeing people but trust me, these 4 months have been my best part of the year 2020. My deepest condolences to all those trips people planned. I really mourned with you all during this period. Do not worry, in the next episode of fellow Ghanaians, you most probably would be able to spend that money saved for travel.

Anyway, while we have been inside I have gone through many changes that I did not know I could experience in 4 months. I gained 2 Kilos, I did a bread fast for 2 weeks, I stopped eating supper, I started exercising, I won a giveaway on Instagram, I joined a hair growth challenge also on Instagram, I revived my older sisters business, I started a poultry farm, I stopped reading hence my struggle with writing, I binge watched 2 seasons of gossip girl in one day, I started loving to cook (mainly because I was trying new recipes) I revived my little sisters business that came to stay for two weeks and finally decided to start my own business!!!

I am always advertising something. I call myself your go-to person for a lot of things. I am sure my WhatsApp status viewers do not even watch my status anymore, so I trick them with a pretty picture at the end of the posts. My people, I am not sorry, that is one of the things I like to do; make noise about the good things people are doing. Ok so let’s talk about the businesses…

I realized I had a little extra time, so I said to myself, after many nudges and pushes from one of my friends, why not revive this beadmaking business my sister started. So I went back for pictures and started advertising to get your attention. I got a few orders. Advertising is good. You can’t have a good thing and hide it under your bed. Blow your horn. It’s even in the Bible.

Then while chatting with another one of my friends about a business my little sister (who is 10 years younger than I am) had started with her friends and how they couldn’t continue because the talent had dropped out of the team, she gave me a few ideas I hadn’t even thought about. So guess what? We revived Sakisi; the Clothing Store.

There are a few lessons to learn here.

It’s not too early or too late to start a business. Make friends who give you great ideas and counsel. If you are always talking about people or just vibing and laughing about nothing then please look for a new set of friends. You need the vibes but you also need money to support your lifestyle. I know my readers like nice things.

Finally, sankofa yen kyir. You can always start afresh. This time you have something to stand on.

We didn’t just revive Sakisi, we gave birth to SakisiPro!!! That’s my baby. I’m always supporting people. Finally I have one that’s mine. Entirely.

Sakisi and Sakisi Pro are online clothing stores that focus primarily on creating fun and lively clothes using Ankara fabric. SakisiPro however is the high end brand for the professional woman. Watch this space for more from us. Sakisi will open in August and SakisiPro will follow shortly.

These clothing stores have a beaded accessories department, where you will get your beaded bracelets, anklets, key holders, bag holders, earrings etc. These things are hand made with love for both males and females.

You should order from us sometime.

I also played with the idea of writing reviews for wig shops. Another idea from another friend. I remember when I used to say I had only two friends, I feel bad for thinking that way. I appreciate you all. Keep giving me these ideas and supporting me. I am getting emotional.

I don’t know how we ended up here but you guys should know by now that in this house we write as if we were talking and usually these talks go where the brain leads it. This is how we ended up here.

So in summary, build your network, (social capital), find ways to make money (financial capital) and relax in this life. Life is not that deep. Take it one day at a time.

See you next month. I promise I won’t be silent for long.

Shoutouts to Albie, Majoie, Getty and Mawunyo for the ideas on what to write. I really appreciate that you didn’t make me feel like I was talking to myself on IG.

I have This Problem Too

I do not remember what I was looking for but I stumbled upon a Ted talk on YouTube on procrastination and it was as if the speaker (Tim Urban) was reading my autobiography. Maybe, maybe not… He did his thesis in 3 days. I used two months, I think, I do not really remember.

He said some things that really stuck with me and if you know me, you know I don’t remember a lot of things. But I remember his talk as if I watched it just yesterday. Must be the animations he used in his video. Very interesting guy. I have inserted the link here. I want you to see what I am talking about.

Anyway, even though you have the link to the video, let me share with you what I heard him say. You might hear something different.

There are two kinds of procrastination or procrastinators:

1. Deadline-bound procrastination, let’s call this the Panic Monster Procrastination (PMP). (When you watch the video you will understand why)

2. Non deadline-bound procrastination, Long Term Procrastination Syndrome (LTPS).

So based on their names you can already tell what they mean right? Right? Riiiiight…. But I am still going to explain, you know… just to make sure you really get it.

Type one (PMP)… Panic Monster Procrastination. This is the kind you set in motion when you have a deadline. So for example, the thesis Tim Urban did in 3 days. The assignment you have due on Monday. Or that job you wanted to apply for that you still haven’t because well it’s not 30th June yet, or that report you need to send on the 6th of every month but it’s not the 6th yet so you’re not motivated to do it. According to Tim Urban’s hypothesis, he believes that in the mind of a procrastinator there are three people: Rational Decision maker, Instant gratification monkey and the Panic monster.

Rational decision maker is your wise friend. Listen to her always.

Instant gratification monkey is the guy who wants to play all the time. Know when to listen to him.

Panic monster is your friend. She shows up when deadlines are drawing nigh and she pushes you to finish your work. Always hug panic monster. Those of you who think, ‘I work or study best when there is pressure/an impending deadline’, Panic Monster is the reason for your success. She is the motivator of rational decision maker. As rational decision maker is not always strong enough to stand up to instant gratification monkey.

Tim Urban really gets me. This is me. And I know this is most of you too. Do not act like I am alone in this. We just want to have fun, sleep, relax and just eat all we can till we wake up one day to a visit from panic monster and we don’t know how we got here. Instant gratification monkey got you here. lol

The second type of procrastination. Where there are no deadlines. Like your personal development goals, Your health goals, your relationship goals, your mental health goals etc. These are all up to you. The things you can do in your own time. What happens here is, there is no panic monster. But there is Instant Gratification Monkey. So instead of applying for the school, you tell yourself, ‘oh if I miss fall admissions deadline winter admissions will still be available’. Instant gratification monkey will tell you all sorts of stories about how 4 years is too long a time to spend going back to school so you will rather stay where you are and do nothing. What he doesn’t tell you is how 4 years will still pass anyway. He will make you think you are not ready to have that conversation. You are not ready to buy that ticket, you are not ready to start that business, “I am not ready” is the voice of instant gratification monkey. So instead of rational decision maker to take the wheel and steer you towards steps to make those rational decisions, instant gratification monkey leads you to… instant gratification. So things that will make you happy in the moment but will not necessarily help you in the long term. So in the long term you most likely are going to be unhappy. You are also most likely going to hate yourself for being the procrastinator that you are but here is the good part (well, not so good for you, but good for those around you, to some extent), You are going to be a master adviser, because, well, we all know ‘had i known’ is the beginning of most advice stories. This doesn’t sound bad till you end up regretting not doing the things you could have done when you should have done them.

Finally here is a summary of what I learnt from Tim Urban’s Ted talk on “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”

  1. To keep dreaming of doing a Ted Talk one day: if anybody knows how I can make this dream a reality please help a sister.
  2. Trick yourself into believing your deadlines are closer than they really are.
  3. Write down your personal goals and give yourself deadlines.
  4. Have an accountability partner who will serve as your Panic monster.
  5. Everyone is procrastinating on something in life and so do not think this post is not for you. Personalize it, be aware of the instant gratification monkey and remember You Only Live Once so make it count. You should start now….. but you can also start tomorrow.
  6. Share what you learnt in the comments section, like and share with your friends, family, acquaintances and strangers as well.

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Jumbled Thoughts

23 days into June and we still do not have our post for June yet! Please tell me you noticed this because I missed doing this. I have just been really confused about what to write. I almost ended up writing nothing. Imagine, we agreed on at least one a moth right? Imagine preaching something and not practicing it. Well I don’t have to imagine. It happens all the time. So to the post for today/month. You will eventually understand why this title was used. I have tried my best to make it less jumbled…

To be honest, this month and the latter parts or most parts of last month have not been my best lived months. By this I mean, I have not been reading hence I have not had ideas or thoughts to share. However I have been baking and spending time with family. So that’s something right? It didn’t help here but it helped somewhere else. So I’ve been thinking of a way to do it all. That is find time to read, watch all my movies, write, bake, work, cook lunch and dinner for the family and still have time to sit and gossip with my mom. It gets overwhelming for me sometimes, I have no idea why, because these are things you guys do all the time right? Some of you even look after children as well. Can you share with me in the comments section how you do it?

At this point I am sure you are wondering where I am going with all this. I am still trying to decide if I should simply drop this post as a gentle reminder to follow up on your goals since this week is the beginning of week 26 out of 52. Yeah exactly half the year is gone. Or if i should reiterate my post patterns and link it to how we can replace bad routines with good routines. Also I owe you a post on how to be happy in the midst of storms. Decisions decisions… I believe you will soon find out in the next paragraph who wins.

Why do we have to choose one? When we can have a little bit of them all? No, I didn’t know my fingers were going to take this direction. Trust me, I did not know, so I couldn’t have gone straight to the point. Besides, where is the fun in that?

Let’s start with the gentle reminder. You know how when you have something pending at work and you haven’t gotten round to doing it yet and that email drops in with the subject “Gentle Reminder” or the subject is something else and the only text in the email is “Dear *insert_your_name*, A gentle reminder on the below.” Well that’s what I am here for today. I know this year has been all sorts of ways with one thing after the other. Many many obstacles in our way. You know what will make this year great? Crashing your goals in spite of it all. You can’t achieve your goals because it’s impossible now? Don’t worry, set new ones. It is never too late to start afresh. Everyday can be your day one but don’t stay there too long. Make sure there’s progress, even if it’s two steps forward and one step back. Just make sure you don’t stay on day one for too long. So to conclude on gentle reminder…

1. Revisit your goals from the beginning of the year.

2. If it has become impossible to achieve set new ones. Especially personal development goals. Let every day be a learning experience for you. Do not let the day end when you haven’t learned a lesson. But also be gentle with yourself. If you haven’t learnt anything that’s okay, just learn two lessons the following day.

3. Take steps to crash these goals.

Always remember, the fulfillment you get when you do aaalll the laundry, clean the house, scrub all the floors and bathrooms and lay your bed. That’s how you are going to feel at the end of the year when you review your goals and you realize you have crashed them all in spite of…

I should probably drop mic and thank you for coming to my ted talk but I am not ready yet. If I don’t say this I won’t be able to sleep. I will try to keep it short. Consistency! This is the key to success. It is not education, it is consistency. Consistent education. Most of my life I have been telling myself this is one area I am lacking in. Being consistent. I still believed this until last week Monday. It’s a long story. We are keeping this short so let’s get to it. I do not believe this anymore because my eyes or should I say mind was opened to something I never thought of. Even though later I realized it was similar to my post on patterns.

So what did I learn? Do you know that more than half of the things you do everyday, you do without thinking? This is because they are habits you have formed over a period of time. These habits have become part of a routine. It could be a daily,weekly or monthly routine but you have created a routine. Every one has a routine, no matter how spontaneous you think you are, you have created a routine of being spontaneous. So it has become a habit hence you are consistently being spontaneous. However, anytime we think of consistency, we associate it with doing things that we want to do that we have not been able to do because of one reason or the other hence we conclude we are not consistent. No you are, you are consistent with not being able to keep up that good thing you want to do hence you are consistent with keeping up the bad habit or the bad routine.

You know I will give you examples right? I just have to, this is where we personalize it. So for example, you want to save 300 cedis a month. You create an account and deposit the money in there, in your mind consistency is keeping this up each month right? Well yes that’s consistency, you know what else is consistency? Withdrawing the money after every 3 months of making a deposit. So whether it is consistently sleeping in and skipping your time set for work outs because you are too tired or eating junk and telling yourself it’s your last day, you are being consistent with your excuses. How does it feel? Realizing you are actually consistent? You brush your teeth every morning right? You do? Then please you’re consistent. It feels good right? Knowing you’re consistent. So how do you solve your problem? Think of the consequences, have very solid reasons for what you are doing and always look for motivation. I know we are in an era where we don’t appreciate motivational speakers, but they are good for us sometimes for a little inspiration. Not the ones who tell you lies about how they sold pure water. Seek inspiration in what motivates you, it could be a mentor, someone you look up to, or simply the fear of being poor or an under achiever. Just find something that will motivate you and form your good habits, develop good routines and draw beautiful patterns. We do not do Shaka Zulu paintings in this house. Also pray to God. He gave us the Holy Spirit our helper to always bring to our remembrance all things we need reminders for. He is also our guide. So talk to Him. Commit your goals and just watch how God transforms your life. In fact involve Him as you set the goals. This is really important if you are a believer. Do not leave God out of your life. He is interested in every little bit of it.

We will save the third topic for another day. All the best bring your best self. Smash those goals and be consistent with the good habits. See you next month. Do well to share, like and comment. Always remember, do not let the day end without learning something new.

Not because of, In spite of …

Every time I spend some quality time in prayer one thing I am reassured of is God’s Love for me. This is something I doubt a lot because I feel I have to be good to deserve God’s love. Here’s something I’ve learnt.

You cannot ‘buy’ God’s love. When He was sending His son to come and die for your sins, you were still a sinner. He didn’t say you had been good so you deserve this great act of love. He saw you in your sin and still loved you enough to send His only son to come and die for you on the cross of Calvary.

When Christ was dying on the cross, it wasn’t for His disciples alone to be saved, it was for everyone including the person who hammered the nails into His palms.

Ever since I got the full understanding of this thing, I just want to remind myself always that even when I feel all alone and unloved and dirty and full of filth because of my thoughts and ways and so I feel like I can’t come before the Lord, I am loved and He is actually waiting for me to come home so that He can wash me clean. I don’t know who needs to hear this but God loves you. Even in your current state. You can’t do anything to get the love erh, there’s nothing you can do to say oh as for this one I have been good for 6 months straight so God I deserve your love. I’m sorry to break it to you just in case you’ve not heard it before, your righteousness is like a filthy rag before him and so even your goodness couldn’t buy you His love.

I’m not saying don’t be “good”, all I’m saying is no amount of being good can buy you God’s love. It’s too precious for you to use your goodness to bribe Him. So just know that even when you feel your worst, He is still in love with you and He’s just waiting on you to remember Him and come to Him. Remember the prodigal son ? You see that guy, even if he left his dad again and came back, his dad would take him back. (You can try it with your earthly parents.) So what makes you think God wants you to pray your way to His love? Do you pray your way to your parents love for you?

Don’t do these things to win the love, but do them because you’re reciprocating the love and these are the ways you know to reciprocate the love to Him because that’s what His word says. “If you love me, you will obey my commandments.” Love is a decision you make. Decide today to love God back even if you don’t feel like it sometimes. Just love Him back and relax and let it consume you, the way that guy fills your head, or that project consumes your thoughts. Or the way being rich engulfs you and affects every decision you make. Let God’s love consume you.

Always remember, He doesn’t love you because of, He loves you in spite of… Do not let the devil feed you lies and keep you away from God with the lie that you need to have some sort of ‘feeling’ before you can pour your heart out to God. He is all ears, ready and eager to hear from you.

I made tortilla wraps today…

This morning I woke up craving egg muffins, but I didn’t have the cute cupcake baking tins, so I made scrambled eggs with spinach and pepper instead.

At 11am, As I was leisurely scrolling on twitter, I stumbled upon this photo of a chicken wrap.

Photo credit @Temi Tope (Twitter)

I was motivated to make a wrap for myself. There was just one problem though, I didn’t have the Tortilla wraps used to make the wraps. So being the sister of the queen of DIY, I went to YouTube and found a video of how to make home made Tortilla wraps.

I went into Stepford Wives mode and started following these steps as my mom had all the ingredients required. Fast forward two hours after, my wraps were ready….. But they were too hard. I could not roll the wrap because the wrap was very hard. Too hard. It didn’t turn out well.

However, I made my filling with minced beef and Cole slaw, this tasted really great. I know, I’m tooting my own horn, but it tasted great. Since I could not wrap this up in my hardened tortilla wraps, I settled for the rice my mom cooked.

We live to fight another day. In other words, we live to try the tortilla wrap another day.

P.S. If you want to get me a gift now, I have a whole list, but these three are on top; baking tins for cupcakes, work out clothes and already made store bought tortilla wraps 😀

How are you?

How are you?

How are you doing?

How are you keeping?

You good?

Hope you are good

Hope you are doing well

These are some of the ways we usually start conversations. As to whether we are really interested in the responses I cannot tell. However based on the way we just ask these and quickly walk past or move on with our conversations, I think it is safe to assume that we, most of the time, do not care what the response is. Due to this, most of the time, our responses are generic. We do not give honest responses to the question, “how are you?”.

In my experience,most people respond by saying “I am fine” even when they are bedridden. It’s what we are taught. The response to “how are you” is “I am fine”. Even when we are dying inside our response is “I am fine“.

Last year a lot of awareness was created around mental health and how it is equally important and very necessary like our physical health. One of the things I believe can help us keep fit mentally is to be mindful of our emotions. By this I mean, at every point in time, you should be able to describe your emotion. You may not be willing to share it but at least know that you are not angry, you are just hurt. Or know that you are happy in this moment not elated or content.

Being mindful helps us to better deal with our emotions and the issues that cause these emotions.

For example, you had just 3 hours of sleep and therefore you woke up feeling moody and grumpy.

Identify the emotion

Acknowledging that this is the mood I am in is a step towards getting yourself out of that mood. Once you acknowledge that I am grumpy and moody because I did not sleep well or long enough you can start taking steps to make sure that that mood does not affect the people around you.

Figure out how to use the emotion.

This is why I am grumpy hence if anyone crosses my path I am not going to snap at them because it is not their fault I did not have enough sleep.

Take steps to manage the emotion

However, listening to music and meditating can help lift my spirit, or a little exercise can help lift my spirit so let me do that. Going forward, today I will sleep earlier than I did yesterday so that I do not wake up feeling grumpy tomorrow. You just solved your problem and saved the whole world the stress of dealing with your grumpy self.

Being mindful of our emotions is a step towards emotional intelligence as this will also help us to be mindful of other people’s emotions as well. This goes a long way to help us improve upin ourselves as individuals and even as we work together with people in a team.

To become better friends, siblings and humans in general, can you decide today that you will care to wait for a response when you ask anyone how they are doing? Can you also decide to answer truthfully to yourself and to anyone who asks (I.e if you are comfortable sharing) how you are doing by being aware of your emotions? Even if you will not share, at least know what you are feeling so that, you can do something about it. Can we also pledge to be sensitive towards those around us, by being mindful of their emotions as well?

On that note, I ask once again, “How are you?”

Enjoy the Boredom

I see a lot of bored people around lately. Mainly because of the Covid 19 virus. Some of us are eating ourselves out of boredom, some are cooking and eating, some are reading, working out, binge watching the old seasons of insecure in anticipation of the new season in April 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾. Others are clowning the time away on social media while some of us are just at home as usual, living our usual lives.

The one thing we all have in common is, we’re all not going out. We’re all in one place. Seeing the same faces, doing the same activities, in the little spaces we call home. If you’re one of these people please this post is for you.

I spent the day yesterday working from home. It wasn’t boring. Well I don’t get bored easily. I actually enjoy solitude so I can’t relate with those of you counting the number of tiles on your kitchen floor.

My time at home today and the comments and posts I’m seeing on social media inspired today’s post.

Whether we like it or not, this virus is here with us. Currently, one of the things we know we can all do is to suddenly morph into introverts. All of us. Stay indoors. Don’t roam. This is not the time to try that new restaurant you always wanted to go to. No, it’s not. It doesn’t matter that you just got paid your annual bonus. This is not the time. If even churches and mosques have been closed, what makes you think it’s okay to go and do Friday night shenanigans?

Please stay in your house and allow yourself to get bored. Allow yourself to relax, think and make judicious use of the time or just let it pass with you sleeping most of it away. Just do what makes you happy.

Do things you like, so that you won’t become sad and depressed. If you like dressing up to go somewhere, do it! Dress up, just don’t go anywhere. You can walk to the gate and walk back to your room. Take a few selfies to document the look and come and sit in your house. Even if it’s your birthday.

Please go on virtual dates. Utilize the video call functions of the various instant messaging apps. Use the money for the transportation to buy data and sit at home and have virtual meetings.

If you still have to go to work, I am deeply sorry, but please go straight home afterwards, wash your hands, disinfect and sanitize. Stay safe and allow yourself to be bored.

I heard in a Ted talk that boredom goes a long way to build our brains abilities to solve social problems. I will explain further in a future blog post. But in the meantime, be safe and enjoy the boredom….

Happy New Year

Today’s post was not planned, well most of my posts are not planned. But this one was very very spontaneous. So it’s going to be very short too. But before you continue… please follow this link to help me deliver great posts to suit your needs

Today is the first day of March, the beginning of the end of the first quarter.

On first February, someone I know posted on her WhatsApp status that January was her free trial month so her 2020 was now starting. It was a joke. But I could relate. 29 days of February have also ended and some of us are still in free trial mode. This is how 366 days will pass us by and we will not know what we did with them.

Let’s be intentional everyday. When we say one day at a time let’s use at least 12 out of the 24 hours to do something meaningful.

Do something each day that will draw you closer to achieving your goals.

Now that we’ve agreed that the year is officially starting today, can we start working on our goals? Maybe Tomorrow? Lol

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today…” Benjamin Franklin.


I promised myself I would publish at least one post each month. February is almost ending and I am slipping back into writer’s block. However, I have been learning from other bloggers and writers that the best way to overcome writers block is to push yourself. But also you have to be patient with yourself.

I started writing this last week and the original topic was finding ways to stay happy amidst the sadness and stress that comes with adulthood. I wasn’t able to finish that because I didn’t feel qualified to write on it but we’ll get back to it eventually.

I would like to talk about patterns and behaviors. No matter how spontaneously we all act, sometimes we form patterns that we don’t even realize ourselves. Well you may realize it and ignore it, or choose not to believe that it’s there, but it’s actually something most of us do. There’s a reason for everything we do, so definitely there’s a reason for the patterns we create. But there’s always an exception. As in you may not have a reason for creating that pattern, but the fact still remains that we all create patterns no matter how spontaneous we think we are.

So where am I going with this?

I was thinking and it dawned on me that instead of allowing some of these patterns to pan out into messy designs that we would not like to be associated with, how about we make conscious efforts not to slip into the creation of these patterns.

Remember where we started from? There’s a reason behind the pattern. Once you acknowledge the reason, it becomes a little easier preventing the pattern formation. I’m not saying it will be easy, it won’t be, but with determination not to create that messy design, you can do it.

These patterns are little things you may not notice or think much off. For example, after every payday you go and drink away half of the salary with friends. All in the name of YOLO. Then before you realize you’re 40 with no real friends but rather drinking buddies and oh you’re 40 with no savings or investment anywhere. Maybe you don’t drink it off, maybe that’s when you realize that you don’t have any shoes so you need new shoes. So you turn on post notifications for the IG shoe shops. And by the end of the year you have about 36 shoes out of which you wear only three, because every month you bought 3 pre-owned (pre-loved) shoes from kantamanto online (thrift stores). Or the usual one, you promise yourself this year you’ll eat clean and exercise but you end up eating the same old things and giving yourself excuses why you can’t exercise right now. Only to wake up one morning and you weigh 90kg with your belly protruding out of even the loose tops you own. I could go on and on about the patterns we create.

If you are creating beautiful designs with your patterns then great keep it up. But if you are delivering some Shaka Zulu designs that you don’t even like yourself then it’s about time you took a step back and looked at your life and recreate the patterns. When you think about it, it could even be one of the steps towards self love. If you love someone or something you want the best for it, right? So why not seek the best for yourself By investing into your future? By taking your physical and mental health seriously? Among many other things. You can try therapy it may help you find the reasons behind your procrastination and your irresponsible spending habits or the other patterns you create.

Lest you wake up one morning when you are 60 filled with “had i knowns” for the younger people around you.

Yes, no matter what you do you would have some “had i knowns”, but don’t let them be so many. You should enjoy your life. That’s what God wants for you. After all You Only Live Once right? Be wise in the living!

Do you think you create patterns? You can share your thoughts in the comments section. Let’s start a conversation 😀.

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